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Drainfield Repair Answers For Homeowners

Homeowners will often primarily focus on the tank itself when it comes to their septic system. However, the drainfield can be another key component that will often experience problems and damages that can require major repairs to be completed.

Develop An Understanding Of The Drainfield For The System

A homeowner may fail to appreciate the importance of keeping the drainfield free of problems as a result of not understanding the role that it will serve in the system. However, the drainfield will be one of the most important components of the system as it will allow the water from the septic tank to easily drain away. If this component suffers a major problem, it could prevent the septic tank from being able to empty. Homeowners may assume that the drain for the septic tank is a single large tube, but this would create enough force to erode the soil. As a result, a drainfield will be made of a series of smaller pipes that will allow for the water to be drained in a more gentle manner.

Appreciate The Problems That Can Impact Your Drainfield

One of the primary threats to a drainfield will be clogs developing deep in the network of tubing. While a common source of these clogs can be debris from the septic tank coming loose and flowing through the pipes. Unfortunately, this is far from the only potential source of problems for a drainfield. Another common type of damage can be the pipes themselves rupturing. This can occur if there is a very heavyweight on the soil above the drainfield, such as parking a vehicle for long periods of time. Additionally, roots are able to grow into the drainfield tubing, which can also lead to clogs developing. Unfortunately, only a small section of the drainfield needs to suffer damages in order for the entire septic system to be compromised.

Prepare The Area Near The Drainfield When Repairs Are Needed

When the drainfield is needing to undergo repairs, a homeowner will want to invest a little time into preparing this area for the needed work. Depending on your landscaping, this may involve moving items that could potentially be in the way of workers. Furthermore, you may want to mark where the drainfield is located so that the workers will be able to start on the job without having to spend time locating where the drainfield is buried. These simple steps can drastically reduce the preparation time that the workers will need so that your home's drainfield repairs can be completed as quickly as possible. Learn more about septic tank drainfield repair today.