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Custom Home Building Guide For Contemporary Designs With Rooftop Green Space

If you are ready to start planning a custom home project, there are a lot of options for contemporary designs. In urban areas, the modern home design also gives you the benefit of added rooftop features. The following custom home building guide will help you plan a design that includes rooftop green space.

Natural Cooling Solar Tower and Rooftop Access—If you are planning on a modern custom home design with rooftop green space, you will need roof access. This is going to be done with a stairwell that leads to the rooftop. If you want to add to the energy efficiency of your home design, the staircase can also double as a solar tower. The tower can feature functional glass windows, which provide thermal energy for warmth in winter and allow the heat to escape in summer for passive cooling.

Structural Load Designs to Support Green Space—One of the major challenges with custom home designs that include outdoor living space on rooftops is supporting the loads. Therefore, you want to work with your builder to design the structural features that are needed to support the weight of materials, including:

These are some of the different heavy structural loads that you will want to work with your builder to design. Good designs for structural loads will ensure your rooftop greenspace has the support it needs.

Membrane and Soil Substrate Design Layers—There are also several options for membranes and soil substrate design layers. First, you want to have a durable and energy-efficient roof decking. On top of the layer of roof deck sheathing, a system of layered roof membranes needs to be installed. The membrane materials will seal the roof from water that filters through the soil substrate. Plants need to have plenty of water and moisture in the soil layer, which is why a specially designed drainage system needs to be installed. After the roofing and drainage systems are installed, the final layers of soil substrate are added and the landscaping of the rooftop can begin.

Planting Rooftops and Adding Outdoor Living Space Features—After you have the membrane, drainage, and soil layer down, you will need to start planting. Grasses and light wildflower mixes are great for rooftop green space. For areas where you are planning outdoor living and gathering spaces, you may want to add small trees, shrubs, and other unique plants to give the rooftop custom landscaping when your home is completed.

The right features for your home design will help create custom rooftop green space for outdoor living and more. For the right contemporary home and features, contact a custom home builder to start planning a design that includes outdoor living space on the rooftop.