Sometimes, You've Gotta Build

The Home Design Guide To Create Craftsman Style Design's Modern Features

Today, modern contemporary designs are popular, but you may still want to have a traditional look. If you like a craftsman-style design, there are a lot of options to create a custom home with all the right modern features. You want to combine the traditional design with the right modern features.

Living Space with an Open-Concept Design — Today, most modern custom-built homes have open-concept designs. This is a design concept that unites the main living spaces together for a more open and spacious feeling. The areas that can be integrated into one open space inside your home include:

These areas should have an open-concept design inside your home, but they can still have a more traditional look from outside. They can have separate window and door design features outside to maintain the traditional craftsman-style look. Inside your home, the spaces can be separated with different interior design finishes, colors, and features.

Modern Materials for a Craftsman-Style Design — Today, there are a lot of options for the building materials that can be used for finishes inside and outside your home. Rather than using wood for exterior finishes and trim, consider modern materials. Some of the modern materials that you will want to consider for your craftsman style home include:

The alternative materials will maintain the traditional craftsman-style look, but they will also provide your home with durable solutions for finishes and woodwork details.

Integrate Mechanical Systems into the Design — The mechanical systems in your home can be integrated into the design of your home. These features can include modern features like solar energy, which can be inconspicuous with solar tile roofing. There are also options inside your home to maintain artisan features that highlight the traditional design, such as using antique or replica plumbing fixtures and decorative replica covers for HVAC vents.

Fuse Outdoor Living Spaces into the Craftsman Design — There are also the outdoor living spaces, which are a popular feature of modern home designs. These spaces are also a great area to fuse the traditional architectural design with modern concepts in outdoor spaces. You can use similar materials and features in the outdoor space that are also used in the finishes of your home. In addition, you can have features like pavilions and outdoor gathering spaces that have design elements from the craftsman-style architecture of your home.

Traditional craftsman-style home designs can be fused together with modern design concepts to give you the home of your dreams. When you know what your home design should look like, contact a new home build service to start planning the craftsman-style design with all the right modern features.