Sometimes, You've Gotta Build

Foundation Cracks? Get Them Fixed

Listen, it's not fun, and it's probably going to cost a bit more money than you'd like. There's no arguing with that.

But if you're seeing big cracks in your foundation- not just hairline cracks, but cracks that are 1/8th of an inch or larger- then you could have trouble coming. Foundational cracks are the first sign that your foundation is not just settling, but troubled. This can lead to other issues as time goes on. There are other signs of foundation issues, of course.

Your doors, windows, and walls can separate from the rest of the house, which can let in extreme weather, as well as pests. Floors and walls getting cracked, which can also let in weather and pests. Uneven floors- and this can get very extreme if you don't nip it in the bud- which can be a tripping hazard. This is an issue especially to households with small children, or households that contain people with mobility issues. Or even if you have guests who have mobility issues- your parents or grandparents, who just don't move as well as they used to.

These are all just some of the many warning signs of foundation issues, but it often starts with cracks in the foundation. If you correct the problem before it leads to other damage, you'll be able to save yourself time, energy, and frustration.

While there are a lot of supposed hacks about fixing the foundation, it's really important to have the expertise of professions in this particular endeavor. A lot of the 'hacks' handle some of the symptoms, but can't actually address the problem at the root- or foundation- of the issue. And foundation damage can not only cause damage to the rest of your home but can damage the resell value.

Now, while in extreme cases the process of repairing the foundation can be extensive and... life interrupting, that's not true of all foundation repairs. If you catch it early, many foundation repair contractors can solve it without having to do the same kind of extensive work you might be imagining.

It's not going to just go away if you ignore it hard enough. If you're lucky, the only problem you'll have is the cracks in your foundation, but that would be lucky indeed. And buyers are pretty canny about this, so if you ever want to sell your house you're going to have to face the question of why you didn't get the foundation fixed, and is the house really worth what you're asking? Your foundation is important, it's worthwhile to get it fixed. 

To learn more information, reach out to a foundation repair contractor near you.