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4 Ways To Extend The Mileage You Get From Your Parking Lot

When it comes to getting the most mileage out of your parking lot, there are specific steps you can take that will allow you to get more usage out of your parking lot. With the right care and attention, you can get more years out of your parking lot before you have to replace it.

Way #1: Engage in Parking Lot Striping

First, you are going to want to engage in parking lot striping. Parking lot striping is the process of painting over the lines in your parking lot for handicap areas, parking spaces, and other details, such as directional arrows.

Parking lot striping is a task that is often overlooked as it may not reduce the wear and tear on your parking lot, but it will make your parking lot a more functional place for your customers and employees.

Parking lot striping will also make your business parking lot look newer, creating a better impression on guests. This should be done every few years, but if you really want your parking lot to shine, you should have your parking lot striped every year.

Way #2: Always Sealcoat

Second, you need to keep up with the process of seal coating. Sealcoating is when you put down a protective surface on your parking lot if you have an asphalt parking lot. Sealcoating essential adds a new protective layer to your parking lot, helping to replace asphalt that was worn down and protecting the deeper layers from additional wear.

Way #3: Fix Up Damage Quickly

Third, you need to fix up damage quickly. When you notice a crack in your parking lot, patch it up right away. When you see a pothole developing, get the area refilled with new asphalt.

When you see small signs of damage, such as cracks or broken asphalt, take quick action. The sooner you act, the less the damage will spread. Fixing up damage quickly is a great way to prevent more damage that will be costlier to repair.

Way #4: Keep Things Clean

Finally, keep your parking lot clean. Send someone around at the end of each shift to clean up the parking lot. Keep trash cans outside of your store, or in the parking lot if necessary, and change out the bags every day.

Pressure wash your parking lot to keep it clean. Keeping things clean will make it easier to spot damage and will just improve the overall curb appeal of your business.

You don't have to take care of your parking lot on your own. You can hire a commercial parking lot maintenance team to take care of all the above maintenance tasks, plus additional tasks such as taking care of landscaping and dealing with parking lot drainage issues.

For further tips, reach out to a local commercial parking lot maintenance service near you.