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Ready To Make Your First Home Feel More Welcoming? What To Know About Interior Paint Types

Existing homes can be a better fit for first-time homeowners who are likely unable to afford a more expensive custom-built new one. But even the most attractive existing homes will probably not accurately reflect the color and design tastes of the new owners. 

Investing in fresh interior paint is an affordable way that first-time homeowners can make their new spaces fit their home decorating goals. If you have recently purchased your first home, the following tips can help you understand paint types and where you should use them in your home. 

Oil-based interior paint

Interior paints that include solvents offer a durable, washable surface that can look good through years of use. This type of paint is recommended for high traffic areas that attract the most fingerprints and dirt, like doors, door facings, window frames, baseboards, staircases and shelving. Oil-based paints do take considerably longer to dry and may need increased ventilation during the drying process to manage smells and speed drying time. 

Water-based interior paint

As the name suggests, water-based paints include no solvents. These paints emit little odor and most dry very quickly after application. Water-based paints are typically used on large areas, such as walls and ceilings. Although many brands of water-based paints are washable, they may not perform as well in high traffic situations. 

Paint finishes 

First-time homeowners will also want to be familiar with the differing paint finishes when choosing interior paint for their home. Since each paint finish can react differently to the amount and type of light it is exposed to, homeowners will want to consider each space carefully before selecting the finish that will work best in that location. 

Paint finishes with the most reflective qualities often use the term "gloss" in their description. For example a high-gloss finish, such as one that might be chosen for woodwork, is shiny and reflects light more easily than a semi-gloss that offers less shine. Semi-gloss paint finishes can be the best choice for walls in high use areas where moisture is a factor, such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

Paint finishes described as flat or satin provide a softer, more matte finish that helps to absorb light, instead of reflecting it. These paints are good choices for use in areas where comfort and relaxation are the goal, such as family rooms and bedrooms. 

Matching the best paint type with each room and surface of your new home can be confusing. Working closely with a reputable interior painting service can help first-time homeowners ensure that the paint they choose for their new home will provide them with years of enjoyment. Contact a company like Albrecht & Son LLC to learn more.