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The Advantages Of River Rock For Landscaping As Compared With Wood Mulch

When residential property owners redesign the landscaping, they may want to add decorative materials like river rock in various places. Some consider decorative bark and other wood pieces instead, but river rock has certain noteworthy advantages. It's permanent and comes in a broader range of natural colors. Rock also has more distinctive shapes and sizes.


River rock is permanent, whereas plant materials gradually disintegrate. The main way that small rocks disappear is when creatures like squirrels and chipmunks dig around to bury nuts or search for food. That can lead to smaller stones being flung out and not found again. With river rock, you won't have this problem.


Property owners can choose from a wider variety of colors when it comes to rock as compared with wood. Bark mulch is essentially only available naturally in hues of red, brown, and black. Other colors can be purchased, but they are achieved by spraying the wood with dye.

In contrast, river rock is available in an enormous natural range of colors. Property owners can choose sets of similar hues or select a rainbow for the landscaping.

Sizes and Shapes

The sizes and shapes of rock are generally more distinctive. The texture of river rock is mostly smooth because of the water's action over time, but variations in texture can be found. Oval stones are prevalent, but some appear triangular or rectangular with smooth edges. Unusual geometric shapes can be included in the group too. 


Property owners might appreciate one advantage of the bark disintegration process, which is that it fertilizes the soil. Nutrients are provided in a slow, healthy process. They might want to add bark around trees and gardens and use it for a path. However, it's important to learn whether the type of mulch being considered would add too much acidity to the soil. Soil can be tested for acidity.

Fertilization is unnecessary for many other landscaping projects, though. River rock could be placed along sidewalks for a decorative effect. It looks lovely around a mailbox, although some homeowners prefer to grow flowers there. This kind of rock is also a common choice for an attractive border around the deck and house. It is an appealing option for surrounding a fire pit because stone is not flammable. 

Concluding Thoughts

Some property owners want the rock beds to have a relatively uniform appearance. Others like a varied selection of colors, shapes, and sizes. Buying from a landscaping supplier is useful because the contractors have extensive knowledge about the various materials. Contact a supplier for more information regarding river rock.