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Why You Should Hire A Garage Door Repair Professional For Torsion Spring Issues

If you have an automated garage door with a motor, it will have torsion springs at the top that help support the door as it moves. If you ever have problems with these springs, make sure you hire a professional garage door repair company for a couple of reasons.

Properly Lubricate Springs

If you hear a lot of noise when your garage door opens and the sound seems to be coming from the torsion springs, then that's a sign they need to be lubricated. Then they won't experience as much friction and this should take care of the loud noise that you're hearing. 

You should hire a garage door repair professional for this torsion spring problem because they can choose the appropriate lubricants, as well as apply them in a compliant way that won't negatively affect the performance of these springs.

Prevent Springs From Breaking Apart in a Chaotic Manner

If you didn't know much about torsion springs and tried to adjust them because they're not properly calibrated, then you'll expose yourself to hazardous conditions. That's because these springs store a lot of energy that can cause the springs to break apart violently if not treated properly.

For this reason, you should let a garage door repair professional look at the torsion springs whenever they give you problems. Whether it's a crack or loud noises, the garage door repair expert can safely inspect and manipulate the springs without causing them to come apart in a hazardous way.

Find a Compatible Replacement If Break Has Already Occurred

If your torsion springs have already broken, then there's nothing you can do from a repair standpoint. They will need to be replaced before you use the garage door again. You want to make sure this replacement is carried out by a garage door repair expert because they can get a compatible replacement set up in no time.

It will be compatible with your garage door's weight, so you can ensure these springs end up holding up for a long time and don't need a lot of adjustments. This professional also can replace torsion springs without getting injured.

If you have problems with the torsion springs that correspond to your garage door, it's probably best to let a garage door repair expert help you out rather than trying to deal with these springs yourself. Then inspections, repairs, and replacements all can be completed safely.  

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