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Why You Should Hire Professionals To Paint Your Tower

If you own a tower, you must get it painted using specific colors for aviation safety purposes. The FAA and FCC have rules and regulations regarding towers; not following these rules can result in hefty fines or cause an aircraft to crash. Due to these regulations and the difficulty of painting towers, many owners hire professionals to handle the task for them. 

Here are some of the reasons why it's always a wise choice to hire professional tower painters:

Meeting Regulatory Requirements  

Some owners find the rules and regulations the government sets for towers over certain heights challenging to understand. Therefore, it's easier for them to hire professional painters who can work within the appropriate guidelines. It would be a shame if you decided to paint your tower yourself, only to do it again a month later because you used the wrong color tone. 

The Dangerous Heights

It's extremely dangerous to work at great heights. One mistake can cause you to be seriously injured or even killed. If you have a phobia of heights, this danger increases exponentially, as you can become disoriented and make fatal mistakes due to fear. 

To work safely at dangerous heights, professional tower painters use their training to perform their jobs in a way that protects them. For example, they're always anchored to a secure point while working and use other personal protective equipment that keeps them safe. They also understand the dangers of the different distances from the ground where they work, so they know the risks at every moment. 

Possible Lead Paint Concerns

One less known risk that tower painters face is dealing with lead paint. Some towers were painted before the dangers of lead paint were known, so tower painters must be able to identify it and safely remove it before adding new color. Removing lead paint from ground-level surfaces is challenging, but doing it at extreme heights is even more difficult. 

Other Hazardous Obstacles

Towers come in all shapes and sizes, and designers don't usually consider that someone will paint them one day. Therefore, their designs can make it difficult for painters to cover all of the tower's surfaces. They may need to make risky maneuvers to access certain sections, so it's best to leave the task up to the professionals instead of attempting to do it yourself. 


If something happened to you or someone you know who attempted to paint your tower, you wouldn't have any insurance to cover the accident. Professional tower painters have full insurance in case of accidents or damage to your tower. That protection will help you avoid costly lawsuits and is another reason why hiring contractors for tower painting jobs is best.