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When To Hire A Repair Professional For Automatic Commercial Door Problems

If you have a commercial storefront, you probably have a set of automatic doors to make entering and leaving convenient for customers. These doors can experience their own unique set of problems. If you have any of these develop, be sure to hire a door repair expert. They'll know how to get them sorted out before long.

Glass Cracks

A lot of automatic doors feature glass panels to let natural light into the front part of a commercial storefront. This grass may eventually crack if it's bumped against with a lot of force, which is a problem you want to have addressed by a professional door contractor. They need to treat the crack quickly before it gets bigger. 

That may be enough to salvage the glass panel instead of you having to replace it because it shatters. A door repair contractor will place glass resins inside the crack if it's not too big and give them enough time to cure before giving you the green light to use the doors again. If the crack can't be repaired, they can always replace the damaged glass panel quickly.

Doors Closing With Excessive Force

If you have automatic doors that close harder than they should and this continues to happen, eventually the doors are going to damage and that can be costly to fix. So if you notice this problem happening, hire a door repair contractor who's experienced with fixing automatic doors on commercial properties.

They can see why the doors aren't closing smoothly when they should be. Usually, this problem occurs when automatic doors aren't properly calibrated in the beginning. Their movement mechanisms may be off and thus causing the doors to close with more force. A door repair contractor can inspect the right parts and make meaningful adjustments until the doors close smoothly on a consistent basis. 

Extra Friction When Opening and Closing

If you see that your automatic doors are experiencing extra friction when they open and close, that probably means they're off their assigned track. In this case, hire a commercial door repair contractor to fix this issue before you end up causing severe damage to the track or to the doors themselves.

As long as you hire a skilled repair contractor, they can support these doors properly and get them aligned for proper movement that ends up lasting for the foreseeable future.

The moment you realize something is happening with your commercial property's automatic doors, you want to cease operation and have them fixed quickly by a door repair contractor. Then you can avoid more severe and costlier door-related issues.