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3 Reasons DIY Demolition Is A Bad Idea

Does your house have a faulty foundation that puts your family at risk? Or do you have an old and damaged house beyond repair? If yes, it is time to consider demolition. But should you hire a professional demolition expert or take the DIY route? Putting on your DIY belt to cut costs is tempting, but you could end up with costlier problems than you already have. Read on to discover why DIY demolition is a bad idea. 

1. Draining Hard Labor

Demolition is certainly physically demanding work. Yes, using the sledgehammer, cutting equipment, and hammer drill to break walls, dismantle roofs, and remove windows and doors requires stamina and strength. But do you have it? Most probably not. Besides, you have to lift and carry heavy materials. All these put you at an elevated risk of strain and back injuries, which will require money and time to treat. However, demolition experts are trained in the best way to handle demolition to avoid injuries from physical exertions. Moreover, they are used to this kind of work, so there is no big project for them. So leave the project to them and keep injuries at bay.

2. Dangerous Demolition Dust

If you have ever watched experts demolish a house, you know demolition produces dust. Unfortunately, the dust particles may contain silica and asbestos. You do not want to inhale hazardous substances that could cause silicosis, bronchitis, or lung cancer. And asbestos can lead to asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma, which are life-ending diseases. So, what should you do? Leave the demolition work to certified experts with relevant PPEs to work in dusty environments.

3. Risk of a Building Collapsing

Buildings can collapse and kill people during demolition. Unfortunately, you may be walking into this if you lack the skills and equipment to handle demolition safely. Your home may be weak and on the verge of collapse. A little mistake might make the entire structure crumble on you or anyone nearby. This makes it prudent to entrust the demolition work to qualified contractors. Before anything else, they will evaluate your house to determine the best way to demolish it. If they think the house is weak, they can seek engineering help or use a support system for the quickest and safest demolition possible.

DIY projects are only sometimes as good as they look and sounds. And as you have seen, a DIY demolition project is a bad move. So if you have an upcoming demolition project, save yourself from the above issues by hiring a licensed demolition company. The project will be over before you know it.

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