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When Does Aluminum Siding Really Shine?

Aluminum siding is sometimes overlooked in favor of vinyl or fiber composite siding. Some homeowners don't like the fact that aluminum siding requires painting from time to time. Others are afraid it might make pinging noises when it hails or rains. These are legitimate criticisms of aluminum siding; it is not perfect. However, there are still some situations in which aluminum siding really shines.

You need to re-side a home quickly and/or cheaply.

If your home badly needs residing and you're on quite a tight budget, then aluminum siding can be a great choice. This type of siding is more affordable than vinyl or fiber composite. It's also easier to install, which means your installers will be in and out quickly — and won't have to charge you so much. As such, people often opt for aluminum siding when they are renovating a home to sell soon, or when they're renovating a home in a less-affluent neighborhood where siding is not going to affect the value very much.

You're in an area where wildfires are a concern.

In a fire-prone area, aluminum siding may actually be your best choice. Unlike vinyl siding, it won't melt if it is exposed to high levels of heat. And unlike wood, it won't light on fire if there is a tree or house nearby that is burning. Other parts of your home may catch fire, but the siding won't catch and spread the fire — which is often what happens with wood siding. Aluminum siding also cools down quickly once the source of heat is moved or displaced, which improves safety in areas with wildfires.

You have a problem with termites or wood-chewing insects.

If you have termites in the area, you won't want to use wood siding. Fiber cement siding is usually impervious to termite damage, but it does contain some wood fibers, so some homeowners don't feel comfortable using it when termites are around in large numbers. Thankfully, these bugs won't pester aluminum siding at all. Neither will carpenter ants or wood bees. You won't even have to spray the siding to keep them away.

While aluminum siding is not the most popular type of siding these days, it does still capture a significant portion of the market. And there are, indeed, times when it is a great choice or even the best choice for your home. Contact a siding company to learn more.