Sometimes, You've Gotta Build

5 Important Features To Consider During Vacation Rental Condo Construction

While many travelers look for hotel accommodations when they vacation, just as many prefer more home-like accommodations that a condo can provide. Therefore, if you are working with a contractor to build vacation rentals for passive income, a condo building is definitely something to consider. However, if you want the condos you build to be as profitable and low-maintenance as possible, there are a few property features to consider implementing along the way. 

1. Double-Hung Sheetrock on the Interior Walls 

Hanging double sheetrock on the walls helps with soundproofing, which can be especially important when a condo shares walls with neighboring units. When you are working with the contractor to come up with your initial plans, be sure to request the shared walls be clad with double sheetrock panels for this reason. If the condo will be located in an especially noisy area, it may even be worth considering doubling up on drywall throughout the dwelling.  

2. Skylights on the Roof 

Natural light opens up a space and makes it feel cleaner and more inviting. Since condos usually only have windows in the front and back of the structure, this can limit how much natural light filters into the space. A good option is to integrate skylights on the roof to bring in more natural light despite not having windows on the side walls. 

3. Additional Wiring to Support Security Features 

Making a condo feel secure is an excellent marketing tactic for short-term rentals. And, it is better if you have the electrical setup to support certain security features from the beginning. Therefore, be sure to talk to the condo building contractor about implementing electrical wiring to support things like an access control system, security alarms, or exterior surveillance cameras. 

4. Easy-Maintenance Exterior Siding 

Because you are working toward building a passive income, you will want the condo building to be as low-maintenance as possible. This means you have to be careful about what siding you want to be added to the condo during construction. In general, brick, stucco, or other solid siding requires less attention. 

5. Durable Flooring 

Vacationers will be looking for a comfortable place to spend their time, but they may not be so worried about what they track in on their feet or what they spill as a guest. Therefore, durable flooring is an absolute must when the time comes to pick the right flooring options. Consider options like porcelain tile, vinyl plank flooring, and other hard-surface floorings that are resistant to heavy traffic and stains.  

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