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Everything You Need To Know About Stucco Repair

Whether you have an adobe-style home in Arizona or a French provincial home in New England, stucco makes for a beautiful and unique exterior. Knowing what to do when it needs to be repaired, however, requires a little understanding of the product and the help of a professional.  What is stucco? Stucco is a plaster finish that is used on the exterior of houses. Ac

Custom Home Building Guide For Contemporary Designs With Rooftop Green Space

If you are ready to start planning a custom home project, there are a lot of options for contemporary designs. In urban areas, the modern home design also gives you the benefit of added rooftop features. The following custom home building guide will help you plan a design that includes rooftop green space. Natural Cooling Solar Tower and Rooftop Access—If you are plan

Drainfield Repair Answers For Homeowners

Homeowners will often primarily focus on the tank itself when it comes to their septic system. However, the drainfield can be another key component that will often experience problems and damages that can require major repairs to be completed. Develop An Understanding Of The Drainfield For The System A homeowner may fail to appreciate the importance of keeping the dra

Three Ways Your Boiler Could Start To Leak

Water heaters are one of the most important parts of any home's water system. These large units store and heat water coming from the city's water supply before supplying it to the rest of your home. Boilers are one type of water heater. They can last for decades without needing to be replaced, but boilers without regular maintenance can fall into disrepair sooner. If

Why Homeowners Should Consider Waterproofing Their Crawl Spaces

The crawl space is the portion of a house that's not seen, but it provides access to a lot of important systems like plumbing and electrical. You can improve this area tremendously by waterproofing it, which comes with the following benefits. Prevent Major Water Damage If you don't have your crawl space waterproofed, then humidity can build up around this area. That's